Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Ubiquitous New Year Blog Post

I have been a slacker blogger this year.
No excuses, I just haven't blogged much.
This leads me to one goal
to use the increasingly unpopular term
a resolution for 2014.
I intend to post monthly,
if I think about it.

I have a few other resolutions:
1. Specifically to return to my weight in 1984
2. I will read at least 12 new to me books this year
3. This is the year of organizing

Explanation of the resolutions
1. It is doable.
I've lost over 15 lbs in the last 6 months
could have lost more
I'd have stuck to the plan.
This year I stick to the plan.
I don't know if I will be like
who was a real inspiration to me.
But who knows,
maybe I will blog about my weight loss
through out the year.
2. I love to read,
I tend to re-read when I am stressed
because I know what is coming.
This meant that last year
I only read a handful of new to me books.
This year
I will read new to me titles.
3. Bill and I realize that we need to organize,
donate, and throw out this year.
We will be going through cabinets,
closets, bookshelves, knick-knacks,
the attic.
We don't do garage sales,
we occasionally attend them
but do not host them ourselves.
If we have things that we believe will sell
at a garage sale,
we take them to one of our local thrift stores
that benefits the poor. 

There are a few of my resolutions/goals

There are others but this would be a long
even more boring
So I leave it at this.

Thank you for reading
I'll see you soon.
May 2014 be better then 2013!


  1. I think those are wonderful resolutions, and good for you for your weight loss! Happy new year!

  2. Wahoo! I love reading your words when you post. Here's to a new year!

  3. As you know I lost about 20lbs since August. My main weight loss goal will be to lose any baby weight I gain this year. I am pretty sure it won't be that hard to get it gone by next Christmas. My plan of sorts is to get a buggy that is easy to steer and cross roads with so that we can go for walks when the weather is good (or wrap up snuggly when its not so good) and hopefully that will help to get back on track when the time comes for now I'm still going to Slimming World not to lose weight but just to keep an eye on the numbers and to try and stay on track by making healthy ish choices along the way. Slimming world works in associating with the Royal College of Midwifes here so they do all sorts to make sure pregnant ladies and new Mummies are supported. So good!! Can I ask how much you want to lose? Don't need the starting number or end number just the difference in the middle is fine .

    You can do it lovely lady!!

  4. Love your resolutions! Congratulations on the weight loss, I know you have really worked at it! I KNOW you can accomplish your goals this year!!! I love you!

  5. I woke up this morning thinking, "Did Lily make another blog post and I missed it?" So I scurried to the kitchen, fed the cats, made coffee and got on here to look with great anticipation...but no, I must have been dreaming. Hoping to hear more about your new books and how the weight loss and de-cluttering is going and of course about Buddy. Love you Lily.


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